I was so invested in the residual spaces of cities, that I’ve actually hadn’t thought too intensively about architecture. I’ve written a new statement that I’ve uploaded on the ‘Thesis Statement’ page of this blog. You can also read it here:


Architecture occupies a site and places an artificial component on top of the natural ground. With this, architecture destroys the idea of nature within the context it sits on and invents a new augmented landscape defined through artificial materials. Cities are thus, architectural representations of nature which can expand to create new boundaries through the use of technology. This thesis is exploration of architectural effects that constitute it to become a reconstructed form of nature without being a mimetic formal representation. Through the manipulation of existing conditions of the environment, the building can propose different interpretations of the natural ground. The building thus stands in a position between landscape and architecture, becoming a fragment of the constructed ground while blurring the boundary between the two. Negative space will be seen as a potential element that will be used to establish a coherent symbiotic relationship between architecture and the environment it occupies.

Maybe I could connect this back into residual spaces, but as of now it’s not something I’m exploring too much of. And the struggle continues!!!

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