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Hello, my name is Manuel Oh. I’ll be working yearlong in efforts to establish an architectural thesis. Overall, my thesis is still in jumbles of information within my head, but I’ll try to slowly express my intentions through this blog. You can read my current thesis statement on this blog. Somewhere above where it says ‘Thesis Statement’.

Anyways, what I see in this image of the tree growing in between two cliffs is the idea of resiliency. In our cities, there are moments of resiliency in the form of residual spaces or the ‘Terrain Vague’. The latter being a terminology developed by Ignasi de Solà-Morales. It’s a strange sight to see the tree grow in such hostile conditions. The urban landscape in a way has done the same, creating external pockets that are internally physical. I am being very vague, but excuse me as this is just the starting point.