“The sun is setting on our idealistic and preservationist views of the natural world. The slow burn of evolutionary change, its endless generations, duplicating and multiplying with gradual mutation and variation is coming to an end. Now, as we stalk the strange and unfamiliar landscapes of robotics, bio technology and ubiquitous computing we are beginning to encounter a new form of engineered nature that we are not yet able to categorize. Catalogued as a collection of still lifes, stuffed and mounted taxidermy robots, curios, trophies and exotica ‘Specimens of Unnatural History’ is a near future bestiary that speculates the new relationships we may form with the designed creatures that will populate the cities of a day soon to come. They may be hopeful inventions or unexpected by-products, wondrous possibilities or dark cautionary tales. Here we gaze out across the near future population of our augmented wilderness.”



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